Our Projects

E-Rickshaw Water ATM 

You must have seen water trolley hawkers selling one glass of water at Rs. 2 in summers. One can satisfy thirst in 02 Rs, but do you know that how this water is safe for your body. Maybe you are in taking contaminated water. 

AquaSoft e- rickshaw’s Water ATM is delivering purified chilled drinking water at 5 Rs/ litre. 

Water Vending Machine 

Coin operated water vending machine is a very useful technology to dispense drinking water quantity 100ML to 20 ltr of RO water /cool water /Normal water , any time without any manual function with the use of this technology the water availability at office ,Cafeteria ,Hotel ,Restaurant , Railway Station, Airport, Bus Stop and other public places  without operator with the economy cost and no wastage of water .

Industrial RO

Providing you with the best range of industrial RO system. We manufacture commercial RO ranging from 50LPH (Liter per hour) to 5,000 LPH.

Domestic RO  

At Aqua Soft we provide the purest form of drinking water. Our water purification technology includes RO+UV+ UF + TDS Control. Today, we are selling above 14 Domestic RO and 06 Water Purifiers (Electric & Non-Electric) models based on different types of requirement and needs. 

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