Mobile Water ATM E-Rickshaw

Mobile Water ATM E-Rickshaw is a revolutionary product in the water industry.  

Aqua Soft water e-rickshaw is worked like a STORAGE WATER TANK with a capacity of 350 Liter. It comes with an inbuilt chiller that keeps the storage water COLD by maintaining the temperature till 12 hours.  Water Storage is fixed over Heavy Loader E-Rickshaw that comes with 04 Batteries (100 AMP) and gives the flexibility to drive 70 Km after single recharge. 

Water ATM E-Rickshaw is a mobile option to deliver pure drinking water. The best part of this product is that one can deliver pure drinking water through any preferred location. There is no need to avail any permanent place. 

Technical Specification Water E-Rickshaw 

  • Storage Tank 350 Liter
  • E-Rikshaw Heavy Duty Loading Base. Heavy Duty Shockers for suspension and heavy Duty Tyres. (600 Kg Loader)
  • Length 6.2 feet after driving seat, Width 4 feet and Height 5 feet from the tyres.
  • Power 4 Batteries 120 amp for easy run and Charges.
  • Dispensing Station 3, Inbuilt Glass Holder
  • MOC Stainless Steel
  • Coin Operated 1,2,5
  • Coin System 3 Coin System
  • Software Inbuilt GSM Remote Sales Monitoring
  • Dispensing 300 ml, 500 ml, 1 ltr, 2 ltr
  • Warranty 1 year

Interested In Water ATM E-Rickshaw

Water ATM E-Rickshaw is one of the most preferred product for new entrepreneurs and for those who are keen to work from their own location. To know more about the product… 

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